The Strength Syndicate offers a range of different membership options to suit your lifestyle, needs, and experience! Whether you are after a group training environment, some 1-1 time with our coaches, or simply prefer to train solo; we have you covered.

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Off-peak Membership

Our off-peak membership is perfect for those who train during the day and do not need access to the gym all the time. Hours are 9am-3pm daily, including weekends.

$15 P/W

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1-1 Coaching

If you are after some 1-1 time with one of our coaches to work on your technique or receive individual programming, this option is for you.

Price dependant on trainer.

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Standard Gym Membership

Have some experience and after a gym that offers the best equipment, community, and coaches? This option is for you! Access all hours.

$25 P/W - $18 P/W for students

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12 Week Course

Don’t mind training in a group, want to work on your technique, and learn how to effectively program long-term, join our 12 week lifting course!

1 night $350, 2 nights $490