If you’re after world-class equipment, TSS have you covered

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We pride ourselves on being one of the most well-equipped powerlifting gyms in the Southern Hemisphere and aim to provide our members with the best equipment available. Whilst we believe that good culture drives an incredible gym environment, we strive to provide our members with the best opportunity to thrive with their strength goals, which includes access to top of the line equipment.

  • 7 Eleiko Combo Racks

  • 1 Titex ER Combo Rack

  • 1740kg of Eleiko Calibrated Competition Plates

  • 1 Competition Size Platform

  • 4 Deadlift Platforms

  • 4 Eleiko Bars

  • 459 of Titex Calibrated Competition Plates

  • 4 Titex Competition Cars

  • 2 Safety Bars

  • 2 Power Racks

  • Incline Benches

  • Flat Benches

  • Leg Press

  • Leg Extension/Curl Machine

  • Cables

  • Kettlebells

  • Prowler/Sled

  • Glute/Hamstring Developer

  • Back Raise Machine

  • 2 Rowing Machines

  • 1 Stationary Bike